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Blackwater Chief killed inside of Yemen

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‘Use of private military contractors has effectively led to the privatization of warfare’

Blackwater Chief killed inside of Yemen

Houthi convoy in Yemen

Houthi fighters kill the Chief of Blackwater mercenaries in Yemen, in the southwest of the country, it has been reported. Blackwater now known as Academi is a private security firm which came to prominence while contracted by the U.S. in Iraq and inside of Afghanistan.

The private security firm is well known for its aggressive actions against the civilian population in Iraq, Afghanistan. One example would be that of the massacre of Nisour square in 2007, unarmed civilians were gunned down as they walked and drove in the streets.

Nisour square showed us the clear unaccountability and ruthlessness of the occupations carried out not only by the nation states own armed forces, but also private military contractors.

The death of this high profile figure will be a blow to Academi, and will also mark 15 dead foreign fighters belonging to the private security firm inside of Yemen. In an incident which took place in the al-Omari district of Ta’izz Province on Wednesday. Forces fighting for Academi are a part of UAE forces fighting alongside Saudi Arabia against Houthi Ansarullah fighters.

Saudi Arabia has been launching airstrikes on the embattled country since the 26th of March, more than 7,500 people killed and over 14,000 people injured, many civilians being among the dead and injured.


Gerard Dinnen

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