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30.09.2015 Military Report of Novorossia

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The clashes around the city of Donetsk were renewed last night. Also, intense fight were observerd at the settlements of Krasnogorovka, Staromihailovka and Spartak. A mortar fire was fixed at the sectors of Spartak and Butovka. Kiev’s side reportedy used batte tanks at Krasnogorovka and Staromihailovka.

Earlier, Kiev militants conducted mortar fire from the direction of the Butovka coal mine and used artilelry at the sectors of Debaltsevo and Uglegorsk.

28 battle-tanks of pro-Kiev military are observed at the settlement of Zaicevo around the town of Gorvloka.

Russia’s Emergencies Ministry convoy has delivered further relief aid for embattled east Ukraine, a ministry spokesman said on Wednesday. The procession of more than 100 trucks brought over 1,200 tonnes of relief aid. These are canned food, cereals, macaroni products, tea and sugar alongside medicines for Donbas health care facilities. The humanitarian cargo to form the convoy has been provided by social organisations and trade union associations from various regions of Russia.

We remember, more than 2,000 children and teenagers have been recognized as persons affected by an Ukraine military operation in Donbass.

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