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All In Against SouthFront: US Intelligence To Create New Foreign Malign Influence Center

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All In Against SouthFront: US Intelligence To Create New Foreign Malign Influence Center

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The US top spy agency is going to establish a new center to combat hostile foreign meddling in U.S. national affairs. The decision was made following multiple assessments that Russia and other US enemies allegedly have sought to sway elections and sow chaos among the American people.

The “Russian dire threat” has been the main duty of US intelligence for years. The US treasure has already been drained on billions of dollars allocated to fight against the mythical Russian information campaigns, which de facto resulted in the war against SouthFront that has $5000 budget.

Now, in addition to numerous American special services, NATO, EU structures, another mighty center for comabing external threats is being established.

The Foreign Malign Influence Center will be created by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) “in light of evolving threats and in support of growing policy and congressional requirements,” according to the statement by an agency spokesperson to POLITICO on April 26.

The Center is intended to become a hub “inclusive of analysts from all” intelligence elements and serve as the federal government’s “integrator to all intelligence pertaining to foreign malign influence and provide appropriate assessments to policymakers.”

The new Center’s establishment is an initiative proclaimed by the head of the American national intelligence Avril Haynes. She began emphasizing the need to create the center after being sworn into office in January, calling efforts to stem influence operations an “incredibly important issue.”

Following this initiative, a declassified report that marked “the most comprehensive intelligence assessment of foreign meddling in the 2020 election” was released in March. Russian President Vladimir Putin was accused of having “authorized efforts to damage Joe Biden’s candidacy and mounted operations to influence people close to President Donald Trump.” Iran and China were also listed in the report for their alleged attempts to affect the election.

The Foreign Malign Influence Center, as the main tool for detection of malicious foreign activity, is expected to be established “as soon as possible”. Neither the approximate timeline nor the center’s budget were not disclosed.

Obviously, the new super center will cost the US budget a good deal of money.

For the part of SouthFront, we would like to address the Biden administration:

Dear friends, SouthFront is on the brink of ending its activity. If it happens the US will lose the major threat to fight with and there will be no more reason to invest in the US mighty intelligence services!

Thus, we are asking the US administration for a donation support. For some reason, the Russians refuse to fund SouthFront, and ignore our requests. Probably, the White House could address the FSB or the GRU, so that they finally allocate SouthFront with few thousand dollars for mutual Russian-American benefit.

We would be glad to further please you with our work, but without your support, this will not be possible.

Sincerely yours,

SouthFront Team


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