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Attack On Israeli-Operated Fuel Tanker In Arabian Sea Was Response To Recent Strikes On Syria – Report

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Attack On Israeli-Operated Fuel Tanker In Arabian Sea Was Response To Recent Strikes On Syria – Report

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The recent attack on an Israeli-operated fuel tanker in the Arabian Sea was a response to the July 21 Israeli strikes on Syria, the Iranian al-Alam TV reported on July 30.

Several drones attacked the Liberian-flagged fuel tanker MERCER STREET just northeast of the Omani island of Masirah early on July 30. Two crewmen, a British and a Romanian, were killed in the attack.

MERCER STREET is operated by the London-based Zodiac Maritime, which is owned by Israeli billionaire and shipping tycoon Eyal Ofer.

Citing informed sources, the al-Alam TV said that the attack on MERCER STREET was carried out by “resistance forces,” a term usually used to refer to Iran’s allies in the Middle East, in response to the July 22 Israeli strikes on al-Daba Air Base in the central Syrian governorate of Homs.

The strikes inflicted heavy damage on the air base, which is known to be Hezbollah’s main logistic center in Syria. Several fuel depots were reportedly destroyed.

Al-Alam revealed for the first time that the Israeli strikes on al-Daba Air Base had claimed the lives of two “resistance fighters”.

The Iranian state-owned news channel was likely referring to Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps commander, Seyyed Ahmad Qureshi, and Lebanese Hezbollah commander, Mohamad al-Sayyed al-Amin, whose death was reported right after the strikes.

Israeli officials blamed Iran for the attack on MERCER STREET. Tel Aviv’s Defense Minister, Chief of Staff of the Israeli military and top security brass held an emergency meeting after the alleged Iranian attack.

“The mask is off, and it is impossible to pretend not to know the nature of the Iranian regime. Iran is not only a problem of Israel, it is a global problem,” an unnamed Israeli official was quoted as saying. “Our campaign against Iran will continue.”

The attack on MERCER STREET may be linked to an attack attempt that targeted a Saudi merchant ship in the southern part of the Red Sea on the very same day. The Houthis (Ansar Allah), Iran’s main allies in Yemen, were allegedly behind the attack attempt.

Any response by Israel will further provoke Iran and its allies. The covert war between Tehran and Tel Aviv, which has been ongoing for years now, may turn public soon.


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