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Back To Normal: Kabul Airport Reopened To Receive Aid, Taliban Fighters March In Victory Parade

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Back To Normal: Kabul Airport Reopened To Receive Aid, Taliban Fighters March In Victory Parade

UAE bord at Kabul airport

The Hamid Karzai International airport in the Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul was reopened by the Taliban and is now ready to receive humanitarian aid. The airport is expected to resume civilian flights soon.

Al Jazeera news agency reported, citing Qatar’s ambassador to Afghanistan, that the runway was repaired in cooperation with Afghanistan’s authorities.

A plane from the UAE was reportedly the first to land at Kabul airport on September 3. About 60 tons of food and medicine were delivered from the United Arab Emirates to Kabul.

According to the report, two domestic flights have already been operated to the cities of Mazar-i-Sharif and Kandahar from the capital.

Afghanistan has always been heavily dependent on the foreign aid. On their part, the Taliban authorities have rushed to prepare the necessary infrastructure for aid transfer. However, the international community is yet to take measures to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan.

The United Nations are going to hold an international conference on aid for Afghanistan on September 13. UN head Antonio Guterres is set to convene the member-states to support the war-torn country in order to avoid a “looming humanitarian catastrophe”.

The United States Congress is expected to finance the United Nations’ humanitarian work in Afghanistan but is unlikely to directly fund a new Taliban-led government, according to US officials.

Anyway, the Taliban do not get upset and continues the celebration of their victory. On September 3rd, following the reports of the Taliban taking control over the Panjshir region, where the resistance forces continue to fight, the aerial gunfire believed to be celebratory was heard in Kabul and other cities over the country. As a result, at least 17 people were killed and another 41 people were injured in Kabul.

In response to the deaths, the Taliban authorities banned aerial fire. Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, said on Twitter that people should ‘thank God instead’ of firing into the air.

In Kandahar, the Taliban members staged a military parade to celebrate the victory over the foreign invaders.

The militants demonstrated captured U.S. equipment and weapons, as well as suicide belts and homemade bombs. The militants marched under the flag of the Islamic Emirate.


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