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Donbass: “Something’s about to happen”

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Donbass: "Something's about to happen"

Original by Yevdokia “Dunya” Sheremeteva published at littlehirosima.com; translation by J.Hawk

Today we were supposed to go to Gorlovka.
I think we can still manage before we leave.
The hospice director called us and said that the road through Enakievo and Debaltsevo is under continuous fire along its entire length.

Some roads to the city are being closed, and you can’t guess which in advance.
In the LPR it’s mostly quiet, although yesterday we encountered a long column of armor as we were returning from Pervomaysk.
A huge column. People were coming out in the streets to watch it.
According to our internet friends, LPR checkpoints are closed due to heavy shelling overnight. Many people came from OSCE, whom the people call “oscillators.”
They are also saying that a checkpoint in Stanitsa Luganskaya came under fire.
In general, there’s something in the air.
Granted, that “something” has been hanging for over a year, but now it somehow feels different…
Mom, it’s all fine, don’t get upset–it’s all far away from us.

PS: For the clueless ones–what “Russian troops”? This is militia equipment!!!
Some of the BMPs were crewed by guys in Cossack papakha hats. .


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