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“Everything Is Russia’s Fault”: MSM Says Pittsburgh Shooting Is Caused By “Russian Propaganda” And Trump’s Behaviour

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"Everything Is Russia's Fault": MSM Says Pittsburgh Shooting Is Caused By "Russian Propaganda" And Trump's Behaviour

A photo of Sayoc’s van

On October 27th, a gunman entered the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, opened fire and left 11 dead and 6 injured. Mainstream media is attempting to shift the blame for the shooter’s actions on US President Donald Trump and “Russian propaganda.”

Robert Bowers, 46, of suburban Baldwin, surrendered to authorities after the shooting. He has been charged with 29 federal crimes including 11 counts of murdering victims exercising their religious beliefs on what Mayor Bill Peduto called the “darkest day of Pittsburgh’s history.” Bowers is being treated for gunshot wounds and is due in court on October 29th.

It was also discovered that Bowers frequented the platform called Gab, which is a substitute Twitter that is known for gathering people with right-wing views. Gab is a relatively small social network that claims to “defend individual liberty and free expression online” has fewer restrictions on what users can post than platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Bowers’ profile banner image included what seems to be a radar gun showing the numbers 1488, a white supremacist numeric symbol, as reported by NBC News.

Also, according to NBC News, just hours before the attack, he made a specific threat against Jews hours before Saturday’s attack, alleging that the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, or HIAS, a humanitarian nonprofit group that assists refugees, brought immigrants to the United States to do violence.

“Screw your optics, I’m going in,” he wrote.

He also frequently posted about the migrant caravan that is walking towards the US-Mexico border from Honduras to seek asylum.

MSM also tied Bowers’ views to “Russian propaganda.” His anti-Semitic posts and his hate of the caravan are allegedly tied to a viral image that appears to show refugees hopping onto the bed of a truck with a Star of David on the side. Reportedly the image has been widely shared across forums such as 4chan and the website “USA Really”, accused by the MSM of being “Russian propaganda” operation. He reposted screenshots of the caravan that had aired on Fox News earlier, among other networks, which did not mention the symbol.

He frequently reposted conspiracy theories about the image of the truck and reposted comments about it from other Gab users.

He also posted a link to a directory of synagogues participating in National Refugee Shabbat, which HIAS held this month, saying he “appreciated” the list.

NY Magazine cited US authorities who said that Bowers repeatedly shouted about his desire to kill Jews.

“They’re committing genocide to my people,” he told police officers. “I just want to kill Jews.”

This all follows the October 26th’s arrest of Florida resident Cesar Sayoc. He was charged with sending 13 explosive devices to prominent public figures, such as George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and CNN’s newsroom.

MSM once more took the chance to blame Russia for possibly being behind the mailing of the pipe bombs. On October 25th, MSNBC host Chuck Todd said that he feared that Russia may be behind the packages.

The fact of the matter is, both Sayoc and Bowers were ardent Trump supporters. Bowers was somewhat disillusioned by Trump, though, because he believed his vows that he was a nationalist. According to Bowers, Trump was a “globalist” and not a nationalist.

Thus, the fact of the matter is, both of these men were Trump supporters, had right-wing views that they took too far. There is no evidence of Russia playing any part in both incidents.

The attack by Bowers is treated as a hate crime, whereas Sayoc’s sending of the explosive devices are treated as domestic terrorism by authorities.

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