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Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront

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On August 8, Facebook deleted all posts and even personal messages with links to SouthFront’s website (southfront.org). Facebook also does not allow to publish links to southfront.org or even send them via personal messages.

SouthFront’s backup public page on Facebook “https://www.facebook.com/SouthFrontEnThree/” still remains active. This demonstrates the systematic approach aimed to limit the access of people to SouthFront content across the platform. In late April, early May, Facebook and YouTube already censored SouthFront’s official accounts on these platforms with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. However, they do not give up and intensify their censorship campaign against SouthFront Team.

Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront

SOURCE: facebook.com/SouthFrontEnThree/

The fun fact is that Facebook’s decision was made without any explanation or warning. It seems that the fear of SouthFront is so high that global coporations tasked with censoring of our work do not even try to justify their illegal actions.

SouthFront is not included in sanction or black lists of any governments. Therefore, the decision of Facebook to censor southfront.org is a rought violation of Facebook’s own Community Guidlines, Terms of Service and the US law.

The new attempt to censor SouthFront took place just a few days after the release of the US State Department’s report “Pillars of Russia’s Disinformation and Propaganda Ecosystem”, a large part of which was dedicated to SouthFront. Apparently, the Department of State leadership was offended by SouthFront’s official response pointing apparent gaps in this brilliant report.

The State Department also requested $138 million for FY 2021 for its Global Engagement Center, which authorted this great investigation of the SouthFront activity. Taking into account the quality of the investigation, SouthFront is concerned that $138 million will be not enough to deal with such a powerful “pillar” of “Russia’s Disinformation and Propaganda” as our team.

We are pleasantly surprised to see that SouthFront is the main organization that causes concerns of the globalist establishment and Euro-Atlantic elites. The report “Pillars of Russia’s Disinformation and Propaganda Ecosystem” mentions 7 media organizations, including SouthFront. However, SouthFront became the only one, which was targeted with a new wave of censorship. Links of other organizations mentioned in the report remain active on Facebook.

Over the past few days, we have also received emails saying that some Internet providers in the Middle East started blocking the access to our website (southfront.org). If you face such difficulties, we recommend you to use VPN services, VPN integrated in your browsers or the TOR browser.

It seems that the structures trying to censor SouthFront do not understand the key point. Lies, double-faced policies and distortion of facts by government-funded, government-affiliated media and official bodies set the basis for SouthFront’s power and influence. Further attempts to censor SouthFront only inspire people who want to receive an independent point of view.


SouthFront also calls on our readers, subscribers and supporters to send complaints to Facebook regarding the censorship of SouthFront. You can make it by posting any southfront.org link on Facebook and then pressing the button “If you think that this does not go against our Community Standards, let us know” or writting to official Facebook accounts in Social Media (for example here)

A SAMPLE OF COMPLAINT TEXT: I ask you to unblock the links to southfront.org and to restore my possibility to share the information since it doesn’t violate any Facebook’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. I also ask you to conduct an investigation, because I think that this blocking was caused by a mass false flagging


SouthFront once again declares that we are open for volunteers. Our contact email is southfront.org.

The main fields in which our team needs help:

  • Sharing of SouthFront content on Social Media;
  • Writers that are interested to cover developments and prepare analyses in the field of SouthFront coverage;
  • Regional and military analysts;
  • Designers;
  • Video makers;
  • Voiceover artists.



Account: southfront@list.ru

Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront

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Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront

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Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront


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Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront

Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront


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Globalists Declare Fierce War On SouthFront

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