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Iraq’s Al-Nujaba Movement Says It Could Liberate Golan Heights As A Break From Fighting ISIS

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Iraq's Al-Nujaba Movement Says It Could Liberate Golan Heights As A Break From Fighting ISIS

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On June 13th, the official spokesman of the al-Nujaba Movement said that despite being busy fighting ISIS in Iraq, the group can also put some time aside to liberate Golan Heights for the Syrian government.

Nasr al-Shammari told Lebanon-based al-Ahed news website that his movement formed the Golan Liberation Brigade in 2017, and the force is particularly working with Syrian resistance fighters to take back the strategic territory.

“Despite the fact that al-Nujaba Movement is actively involved in the fight against Takfiri [ISIS] terrorist groups in Syria, this brigade is dedicated to confronting the usurping Zionist regime and will remain so. This brigade includes elite fighters, who have received excellent training for such wars, and have the necessary weapons for such battles. They can strike targets deep inside the Israeli-occupied lands and not just the Golan Heights,” Shammari said.

“The brigade is ready to liberate the Golan Heights as soon as the zero hour starts. This depends on our brethren in Syria. All indications suggest that the Zionist regime is approaching its end,” he pointed out.

Back in 1967, Israel captured large swathes of Syria’s Golan Heights during the Six-Day War. The territory has been occupied by the regime since then.

In 1981, Israel unilaterally annexed the Golan, in a move not recognized by the international community. However, the US recognized Israeli “sovereignty” over the occupied Golan Heights in 2019.

The al-Nujaba Movement spokesman highlighted Operation al-Quds Sword launched by Palestinians in retaliation for Israel’s acts of aggression, saying it showed Israeli authorities that the era of “safe depth” is over.

“The next battle will be deep inside the occupied territories, and will cover areas located between the Nile and the Euphrates,” he commented.

Shammari described Jerusalem as one of the holiest sites for Muslims worldwide, stating that its liberation is the primary goal of the Axis of Resistance, from Iran to Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.

“Response to any sacrilegious act against al-Quds and its residents should not be restricted only within the occupied Palestinian territories, but should rather cover the entire geography of the Axis of Resistance,” he said.

“We have very firm beliefs that we will soon emerge victorious. The expulsion of the United States from the region, and obliteration of the Zionist regime are fairly imminent,” the al-Nujaba Movement spokesman underscored.

The al-Nujaba Movement is part of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) in Iraq, who are one of the main fighting forces against ISIS in the country. The PMU is also a part of the Iraqi Armed Forces.


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