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ISIS Captures 18 Villages In Eastern Afghanistan. US Strikes Drug Labs With Stealth Warplanes (Video)

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ISIS Captures 18 Villages In Eastern Afghanistan. US Strikes Drug Labs With Stealth Warplanes (Video)


On November 25, ISIS fighters attacked positions of the Taliban movement around Sabin Ghr Mount in Khogyani district of the eastern province of Nangarhar, according to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq.

ISIS captured the following 18 villages from the Taliban:

Ghr, Tur Ragah, Murki, Abukusib, Ankora, Hussien Khail, Kindao, Wti, Omr, Bror, Shama’a, Anar Minah, Khruti, Ghundi, Bitlau, Sankani, Khalah Khail, Sinah.

Amaq also reported that several fighters of the Taliban were killed or injured during the ISIS attack in Khogyani district.

Lately, ISIS expanded its influence in Nangarhar after a series of successful attacks against the Taliban. This led to an increase in ISIS terrorist attacks against the civilians in the province. The latest terrorist attack hit the provincial capital, Jalalabad city, on November 23.

In a separated development, the US military announced that its advanced F-22 stealth fighters jets destroyed ten narcotic production facilities of the Taliban in southern Afghanistan on November 19 and 20.

According to US Army General John W. Nicholson Jr, the F-22 stealth fighter jets were used because of their “ability to deliver precision munitions”. The F-22s destroyed the narcotic production facilities with guided small-diameter bombs, likely the GBU-39.

Gen. Nicholson said that the US Army seeks to “avoid collateral damage” during the airstrikes. However, local sources said that 13 civilians were killed in the airstrikes, according to a report of the Washington Post newspaper.

The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) estimates there are 400 to 500 narcotic production facilities across Afghanistan. The US Army believes that many of these narcotic facilities are run by the Taliban, which uses this illegal trade as a way to fund its war against the US and the US-backed Afghan government.

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