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Magic Math: US Forces “Removed From The Battlefield” Over 2 Times More ISIS Members Than There Were In Afghanistan

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Magic Math: US Forces "Removed From The Battlefield" Over 2 Times More ISIS Members Than There Were In Afghanistan

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A user of  the Russian military forum Lostarmour.info has found an interesting example of the Pentagon’s magic math used in the coverage of the US war on ISIS in Afghanistan.

In March, 2017 the US military claimed that there were about 700 ISIS members in the country.

“We believe that there are approximately 700 members of ISIS, perhaps even less now based on the operations, that are still contained to less than three districts down in southern Nangarhar,” Breitbart quoted Brig. Gen. Charles Cleveland, the Kabul-based spokesman for the US-NATO mission in Afghanistan.

In December, 2017 Gen. John W. Nicholson Jr., the top American and NATO commander in the war-torn country, said that 1,400 operations and airstrikes had “removed from the battlefield” more than 1,600 members of ISIS since March.

Thus, since March, the US-NATO mission in Afghanistan had eliminated 2.28 times more members of ISIS than there were in the country.

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