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Map: Syria’s Army 3 Assault Directions within Palmyra Battle

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The Syria’s army and its allies have liberated the Palmyra triangle and a fuel station around the Qatari Royal Villa (ISIS training camp). Now, the advances are ongoing in 3 directions:

  • from the Palmyra triangle through the fuel station to Orchards of Palmyra
  • from Ancient Quarries in direction of Palmyra gas field in order to flank ISIS militants contentrated in the city
  • from Al-Bayaral Marhatter to Jabal Al-Tar and Al Dawah

It’s likely that the Syrian forces’ mid-term goal is to partly encirlce ISIS militants located in Palmyra before the start of a final battle for the ancient city. This strategy has been used successfully a number of times in the Latakia province and marks that units trained by Russian military advisers are involved in the operation.

Map: Syria's Army 3 Assault Directions within Palmyra Battle

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Map by EmmanuelGMay

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