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Melting Snow Reveals Texas Secrets

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The text was submitted by Breaking Spectre.

As Texans regain electricity and water after a week of extremely cold weather, much is being revealed with the on-going Texas saga after ERCOT and energy providers were caught with their collective pants down.  Federal government ineptitude and Day 1 Biden EOs have been called into question.  Similarly, Texans are asking questions about the bureaucracy known as the Electric Reliability Council of Texas after having found that many members were not Texas residents.

Never letting a ‘crisis go to waste’ the face of the Green New Deal, Alexandria Occasional Cortex, jump-jetted down to Houston with her fellow Dems for some photo ops…albeit this time not in front of a chain link fence in the middle of nowhere. But, it’s NOT political, right AOC? (Readers may want to brush up on the AOC-Ted Cruz feud over the last several months.) Not to be outdone, ‘climate charlatan’ (czar, charlatan, same thing), John Kerry tries to gaslight us into believing that somehow, Texas’ cold snap and energy woes was caused by….wait for it…global. warming. Nonetheless, private individuals and groups are getting the job done delivering meals and water in Texas’ time of need.  A call-out for skilled trades is in dire need given the abundance of pipes that have burst as a result of the energy disruption.

Over the coming weeks, a number of questions should be answered. Perhaps more of a rhetorical question is whether or not this was a shot across the bow from the Deep State to get Texas ‘back in line.’  Texas led the States’ suit on election fraud to SCOTUS, AG Paxton has already taken Biden to court contesting EOs related to immigration, AG Paxton has also been vocal about attempts by the FEDs to thwart the 2nd Amendment, and there’s the whole Texit secession movement.

Also, what are Texans to do with exorbitant energy bills now hitting their doorsteps for energy they didn’t consume?  It should be painfully obvious of the shortcomings of renewable energy sources like wind and solar, especially in arctic temperatures coupled with snow and ice.  And, we’ve not even scratched the surface on where all of this electricity will come from to power EVs as the war on fossil fuels heats up.

More to come, certainly.

You can listen to another stream by Breaking Spectre about the Texas crisis, where he answers the question “What did Goldman Sachs know, and when did they know it?”

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