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New Wave Of Russian Airstrikes Hit Militant Positions In Northern & Southern Greater Idlib (Photos, Video)

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New Wave Of Russian Airstrikes Hit Militant Positions In Northern & Southern Greater Idlib (Photos, Video)

A Russian Su-24 aircaft on a runway at the Hmeimim airbase in Syria. © Maksim Blinov / Sputnik

On September 10, a new wave of Russian airstrikes hit militants’ positions in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

The Russian airstrikes targeted the outskirts of the town of Shiekh Bahr in the northern Idlib countryside as well as the town of Deir Sunbul in the southern countryside of the governorate. No civilian casualties were reported as a result of the airstrikes.

Over the last three weeks, Russian warplanes carried out nearly a 100 airstrikes on Greater Idlib. The Turkish-occupied area of Afrin in the northern Aleppo countryside was also targeted.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) also stepped up its artillery strikes on Greater Idlib recently. While most of the recent strikes targeted the al-Zawiya Mount in the southern Idlib countryside, other areas were also hit.

Late on September 7, the SAA targeted a house in Idlib city with precision-guided munitions. The target of the attack was Professor Noureddine Ghafir, an official of al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham. The terrorist group is the de-facto ruler of Greater Idlib.

The recent strikes on Greater Idlib reflect Russian and Syrian frustration with the ceasefire in the region, which is being violated on a daily basis by HTS and its allies right under the eyes of Turkish forces.

The Russian airstrikes and Syrian artillery strikes will likely continue. However, a ground attack on Greater Idlib seems unlikely as for now.


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