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Overcoming Hostile Acts & Challenges

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This month was full of challenges for SouthFront Team.

Since the middle of 2020, we have been under the increasing pressure from corporations and governments that seek to suppress the last remaining vestiges of freedom of speech in the media sphere.

This pressure has been steadily increasing, including censorship, cyber-attacks and other hostile actions, and reached its new peak in February. PayPal blocked our account with the remaining reserves under a far-fetched pretext.

Obviously, this move was designed to damage the donation flow to SouthFront and thus reduce our ability to produce independent coverage and analysis. And it achieved some success.

Nonetheless, our team continued its work at full steam even in this difficult situation and was able to keep the existing level of content production. We also introduced new options that still allow you to make donations to SouthFront via PayPal.

In March, SouthFront Team is set to continue its work tooth and nail. We will make every possible effort to overcome challenges and hostile acts that we face.

Nonetheless, we will be able to make it only with your help.


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Overcoming Hostile Acts & Challenges



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Overcoming Hostile Acts & Challenges

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