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Peace Talks On Eastern Ukraine Failed To Establish “Easter Truce” In Donbass (Map Update)

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Peace Talks On Eastern Ukraine Failed To Establish "Easter Truce" In Donbass (Map Update)

Photo by Mykola Lazarenko/POOL

On April 28, a regular meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) on the settlement of the conflict in Donbass took place via videoconference. Ukraine, Russia, and the OSCE has failed to reach an agreement on the final  text of a ceasefire agreement ahead the Orthodox Easter.

“After almost five hours of useless discussion between Kiev and representatives of the republics, no practical result has been achieved,” the LPR said in a Telegram message.

According to the representative of the Ukrainian delegation in the TCG, Oleksiy Arestovich, the parties failed to agree on the text of the document on the introduction of the “Easter truce”.

“All parties agreed on the need to establish an Easter truce. Two texts of the document were proposed – Ukrainian and Russian. But we have not yet managed to agree on the final text, because there are sensitive formulations, ” he claimed.

Kiev blamed Russia and DPR/LPR, while the representative of the Russian side Boris Gryzlov accused Kiev of blocking the negotiation process.

“Instead of discussing issues, everything was aimed at building tangled ” legal structures ” with the aim of not recognizing Donbass as a party to the conflict.” – he said.

Peace Talks On Eastern Ukraine Failed To Establish "Easter Truce" In Donbass (Map Update)

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1. UAF in Krasnogorovka shelled DPR positions in Staromikhailovka with 120-mm artillery.

2. UAF in Talakovka shelled DPR positions in Kominternovo with grenade launchers.

3. UAF in Vodyane shelled DPR positions in Leninskoe grenade launchers.

4. DPR forces in Gorlovka shelled UAF positions in Svetlodarsk with ATGM.

5. DPR forces in Staromikhailovka shelled UAF positions in Krasnogorovka with 120-mm artillery and ATGM.

6. DPR forces in Leninskoe shelled UAF positions in Vodyane with 82-mm artillery and ATGM.

7. DPR forces in Kominternovo shelled UAF positions in Gnutove with ATGM.


– The Kiev side announced that there would be no Easter Truce in Eastern Ukraine, and accused the DPR/LPR and Russia.


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