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Russia Loses Soldier In Northern Syria, As Maintaining The Ceasefire Proves Fatal

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In a rare incident, a Russian patrol unit came across a landmine, which could have been a pre-planned attack on a convoy.

One Russian serviceman died as a result of the incident.

The attack took place near the Turkish-occupied village of al-Assadiyah in northern al-Hasakah.

A Russian military unit was patrolling the frontline that separates Turkish forces from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) when one of its vehicles was hit by the landmine.

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the death of the soldier, and admitted that three others were injured.

Several units of the Russian Military Police were deployed in northeastern Syria to monitor the ceasefire between Turkish forces and the SDF in 2019.

The ceasefire is still not being kept at the slightest.

In Greater Idlib, militants are frequently violating the ceasefire.

As a result, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies continue to pound militants’ positions.

On June 9, the army and its allies shelled the towns of al-Bara, al-Fatterah, Falafel and Safhoun in southern Idlib, al-Abrar camp near the town of Taoum in eastern Idlib and the al-Ghab Plains in the northwestern Hama.

Footage was released showing the aftermath of the shelling in a militant camp near Taoum.

In addition to a back-and-forth with militants, the SAA also is always on edge, expecting strikes from Israel.

Less than a day following the Israeli strikes on positions throughout Syria, results of the raids began being determined.

The strikes, which took place late on June 8, hit a number of military targets in the outskirts of Homs city as well as near the capital Damascus.

The Syrian Ministry of Defense claims there was no loss of life, while pro-government media identified 7 victims.

Satellite imagery showed that one of the many targets struck by the Israeli military was a storage facility in western Homs.

The footage showed that the Israeli strikes wiped out most of the facility, which included more than 55 large hangars.

Burn marks were also visible near a former chemical weapons facility in southern Homs.

The Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces intercepted several Israeli missiles.

Nevertheless, the attack was not completely foiled.

Around the same time the Israeli airstrikes took place, a terrorist attack happened in the city of Homs. An explosion rocked the district of Karam al-Looz in the southern part of the city.

The explosion was caused by an improvised explosive device that was planted near a bus stop in the heavily populated district.

At least eight civilians were wounded as a result of the explosion, which damaged a mini bus.

In the past, the Damascus government has alleged that Israel Defense Forces “co-operate” their attacks with militants in Syria. Their recent synchronized attacks show it could be highly likely.

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