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Russian Military Flight Case: Crime And Punishment

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Russian Military Flight Case: Crime And Punishment

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In September 2020, a Su-30 multi-purpose fighter was destroyed during a planned flight in the Russian Tver region. The plane was flying in a group of warplanes of the same type, when another Su-35S occasionally hit it with rockets during a training battle. The targeted plane that was worth about $50 million crashed.  Both pilots safely ejected from the warplane.

Written by Fighterbomber Telegram account.

You may remember an aviation incident in September 2020, when a Su-30M2 plane was shot down during a training air battle due to a not disabled gun?

According to what is now a tradition, the pilot was found guilty, and according to the same tradition, the pilot was obliged to pay damage, as well as he got penal provisions on undermining combat readiness and damaging the state security.

Actually, the pilot is now facing up to 7 years of camps and compensation for damage, which the investigator estimated at 1,143,079,091 rubles, 81 pennies.

And, of course, the state will lose a first-class pilot, whose cost of training is slightly less.

I will not even mention the following PR losses for the Russian Air Force and for the profession of a military pilot.

Russian Military Flight Case: Crime And Punishment

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There is a court ahead that will determine the guilt and the punishment.

This is not the only case that threatens pilots with millions and billions rubles, as said above, this has become a common practice.

Twenty years ago, for such an accident, a pilot lost the class, he was fined with salary and appointed to a non-flying position, but today, it seems that soon pilots will pay for each bomb or a rocket, which did not hit exactly the target during the training. Since there are ” obvious signs” of threatening of national combat readiness, sabotage and treason to the Motherland.

Only those who do not fly are not mistaken.

And if it goes on like this, then there will be less young people in flight schools, and those who are doing their service will steer clear from planes.


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