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Security Forces Capture Key Taliban Commander In Northern Afghanistan

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Security Forces Capture Key Taliban Commander In Northern Afghanistan

On November 29, the Afghan National Directorate of Security (NDS) announced in an official statement that it has captured the Taliban’s commander Qari Abdul Rahim in a special operation in the city of Talaqan in the province of Takhar in northern Afghanistan. Rahim is the Taliban’s military leader for Namak Aab district of Takhar province, according to Afghan sources.

The NDS said that Rahim acknowledged during the investigations that he and another member of the Taliban, Abdul Rahman, had been planning terrorist attacks against Afghan security forces in Takhar province.

The Taliban news agency Voice of Jihad announced that Taliban fighters attacked a command post of the Afghan Army in Qarabagh district of Ghazni province in southern Afghanistan on November 28. According to Voice of Jihad, 12 soldiers of the Afghan Army were killed and one was captured.

Taliban fighters also ambushed a unit of the Afghan Army, which was on its way to reinforce the command post in Qarabagh district, according to Voice of Jihad. During the ambush, 7 other Afghan soldiers were killed and a vehicle of the Afghan Army was destroyed by Taliban fighters.

Although the Afghan Army and security forces are capable of conducting limited operations against the Taliban all around Afghanistan, the Taliban is still very strong on the battlefield thanks to its experience and high motivation of its fighters.

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