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SouthFront Is Preparing for New Efforts in September

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SouthFront Is Preparing for New Efforts in September

Dear readers,

The SouthFront team launched a series of new product in August and is preparing for the new efforts in September.

The main points are:
1. Release a number of long documentary video analyses, at least 2 dedicated to the oingoing migration crisis in Europe and a growth of violence in the Middle East
2. Expand the number of constant team members, especially video makers and designers to provide more high quality exclusive video, graphic and text content per month. At the moment we have limited capacity to produce long documentary videos because the SF video team constantly works on the daily video updates (Military Reports of Novorossia, International Military Reports, Crisis News). Separately, we can’t cover all important topics because we have a lack of designers to visualise information, crucial for understanding issues.
3. Continue to develop the website usability to allow readers to get easy and fast access to the numbers of produced videos, graphics and text analyses.

Projects high performance is possible only due to your support!

Unfortunately in the period of 25 August to now, we have raised only 170 dollars. Therefore, our team is faced with a sharp question of what we are doing wrong and how we shell act in September. Due to increasing the South Front content quality and quantity, we have beared much greater costs then early. To maintain broadcasting in September, we have already spent all our available personal funds and in the absence of your support, we will have to reduce broadcasting next week, which was created with such difficulty.

We want to ask you to support SouthFront work by donating
Via PayPal: southfront@list.ru
Or via: http://southfront.org/donate/

Sincerely yours,
SouthFront Team

SouthFront Is Preparing for New Efforts in September


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