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SouthFront – ‘Extreme-Right “News” Organization’

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SouthFront - 'Extreme-Right “News” Organization'

Recently, SouthFront has noticed a new “stunning fact” about itself in the mainstream media. If you don’t know, it appears that SouthFront is now labeled as “the extreme right “news” organization”. SouthFront has repeatedly been labeled as “Commies”, a far-left outlet, a pro-Trump outlet etc. Furthermore, the same people believe that SouthFront is “highly likely” a Kremlin-linked organization, a CIA-linked organization or even a Mossad-linked organization.

However, “the extreme right” is something new.

Terry Glavin, in his article “Here’s why some people choose not to believe in Assad’s atrocities“, writes:

…It is Fisk’s account — indistinguishable from a report by the far-right One America news site — that was picked up by the Kremlin propaganda outlets RT and Sputnik, and by leftish pseudo-journalism sites like Common Dreams, and the neo-Marxist Morning Star newspaper, and the extreme-right “news” organization South Front


Now, a serious topic.

Dear friends, over the past two weeks, SouthFront has faced a new, strengthened wave of media and technical attempts to damage the project. You have been able to observe attacks on our website and the censorship on Facebook.

However, there is a strange tendency on YouTube. Over the past few month, about 200 people have been subscribing to SouthFront’s YouTube channel on a daily basis. When the channel reached 99,000 (at the same time, the escalation started to develop in Syria), the channel growth curiously slowed down. It has been also noted that YouTube delete the channel’s subscribers.

There have been more strange things with the channel’s views and videos. Some of our YouTube subscribers have noticed that SouthFront’s videos have disappeared  from the “related” section and the videos’ views numbers have been technically reduced and in some cases there have been no notifications about new SouthFront videos [this info is from people subcribed for notifications].

All these facts are examples of censorship.

Earlier, we noticed that SouthFront’s ill-wishers had started using more sopisticated means and measures to damage the project. The current situation is an example of these efforts.




SouthFront - 'Extreme-Right “News” Organization'


Account: southfront@list.ru

SouthFront - 'Extreme-Right “News” Organization'

SouthFront - 'Extreme-Right “News” Organization'

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SouthFront - 'Extreme-Right “News” Organization'

SouthFront - 'Extreme-Right “News” Organization' SouthFront - 'Extreme-Right “News” Organization' SouthFront - 'Extreme-Right “News” Organization' SouthFront - 'Extreme-Right “News” Organization' SouthFront - 'Extreme-Right “News” Organization'


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