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Summary results of the colonial administration of Ukraine 2013-2021

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Summary results of the colonial administration of Ukraine 2013-2021

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Summary results of the colonial administration of Ukraine 2013-2021
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  1. The population of Ukraine decreased from 45.5 million to 30.1 million, according to some other data to 28 million. 5 million were lost due to excessive mortality; the remaining 10 million left the country in search of work. About 50% of those who left Ukraine (up to 5 million) have already become naturalized citizens in the EU and Russia, having taken out their families. This part of Ukrainian migrants does not contribute to the economy of the state anymore.


  1. According to the IMF and the World Bank, GDP of Ukraine was $155.582 billion by the end of 2020. Compared to 2013, when it was $ 183.31 billion, it fell by 15%.


  1. Compared to 2013, the industry collapsed by 25%. Thousands of enterprises have been closed. As a result, the unemployed population currently makes up 11% of the number of able-bodied citizens.


  1. The country’s energy dependence on imported supplies of hydrocarbons and electricity has increased. Ukraine’s own natural gas production decreased by 6.6% since 2013; and the decline continues. Ukraine is forced to buy coal and electricity from Russia, while being “at war” with Moscow, from Belarus, while being engaged in subversive activities against Minsk, and from the United States, paying significantly higher prices.


  1. The outflow of investments from the country continues. In 2013, Kiev received more than 5.6 billion US dollars; while in 2021 it got less than 800 million US dollars, according to the State Statistics Service and the Council of the National Bank of Ukraine.


  1. Ukrainian GDP per capita in 2013 was 4030.3 US dollars. In 2020, it was 3725.6 US dollars. Over the same period, the income stratification of the Ukrainian society has sharply increased.


  1. The average purchasing power has decreased by 20%. Today, 70% of Ukrainians have an income of 210-250 US dollars per month. At the same time, the food and medicine prices in Ukraine are much higher than in the neighboring countries. As a result, according to official data, 10 million citizens are suffering from malnourishing on a daily basis, and about 2 million are starving.


The country’s only “success” turned into a scandal. The data of the World Bank’s Doing Business rating, which assessed the situation of Ukraine as “positive”, were recognized as “distorted” by the World Bank, the rating was closed, and a bribery investigation was launched.

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