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Syrian Army Enters Nawa Town, Deploys More Troops In Western Daraa (Photos)

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Syrian Army Enters Nawa Town, Deploys More Troops In Western Daraa (Photos)

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On September 30, several units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) accompanied by a force from the Russian Military Police entered the town of Nawa in the western countryside of Daraa in order to implement a reconciliation agreement that was reached a day earlier.

As a part of the agreement, Syrian authorities will settle the situation of dozens of local wanted gunmen, who already began to hand over their weapons.

Nawa is the latest town to join the Russian-sponsored reconciliation process in the western Daraa countryside. The process was launched early in September after the successful reconciliation agreement in Daraa al-Balad, the southern part of Daraa city.

One of the most recent stops of the reconciliation process was the town of Tasil. The SAA deployed additional forces inside and around the town on September 30, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights revealed that 1,200 gunmen joined the reconciliation process in Daraa al-Balad. However, in the western countryside of Dara more than 2,900 have joined the process, so far. Hundreds of weapons were handed over to Syrian authorities.

Once the Russian-sponsored reconciliation is complete, Syrian authorities and local forces in Daraa will have to cooperate to secure and stabilize the governorate. The threat of ISIS as well as drug and weapons traffickers is still present.


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