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Syria’s Army Liberates of Al-Qaryatayn

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Syria's Army Liberates of Al-Qaryatayn

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Map above by Peto Lucem

The Syrian Arab Army units have reportedly entered the town of Al-Qaryatayn in the Homs province.

The Syrian forces advanced  from the 4 directions and liberated the Northern and Western parts of the town.

NOTE: Premilitary (unconfirmed) reports argue that the town is liberated.

UPD: Al-Qaryatayn is liberated

Syria's Army Liberates of Al-Qaryatayn

Map above by the ‘Nimr’ Tiger

Al-Qaryatayn is located at the important crossroads which link the cities of Homs, Hama and Palmyra.

Syria's Army Liberates of Al-Qaryatayn

The battle for Al-Qaryatayn is a part of a series of the loyalist forces’ military operations aimed to consolidate the gains in the province of Homs and set a ground for further advances in Central Syria:

As soon as Al-Qaryatayn is under control, the army should liberate the vast mountainous area north of Palmyra. Such an action is important, because this is a formidable defensive position by which the SAA can protect Palmyra’s northern flank. Mount al-Mar’eh, Mount Khashabiyah or Jabal al ‘Aşāb could serve as excellent artillery observation points and would allow the monitoring of enemy movements up to the Tabqa airbase, Maskaneh plain and even the Khanaser-Aleppo road. Read more HERE.

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