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Taliban Claims It Conducted Over 800 Operations In January (Infographic)

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In January 2018, Taliban fighters conducted 853 operations including 6 suicide attacks against the Afghan Army, Police and the NATO, according to an infographic released by the Taliban news agency Voice of Jihad on February 4.

Taliban Claims It Conducted Over 800 Operations In January (Infographic)

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According to the Voice of Jihad infographic, Taliban fighters killed 1,885 service members of the Afghan Army and Police and injured 1,257 others in January. 354 vehicles and armored vehicles of the Afghan Army were also supposedly destroyed by Taliban fighters.

The Taliban also claimed that 39 service members of the NATO were killed and 18 others were injured by its fighters in January. However, the NATO has not reported about any casualties in Afghanistan since the beginning of 2018.

Moreover, the infographic shows that the Taliban allegedly shot down a UAV and a helicopter of the NATO without mentioning when or where. This indicates that these claims are also false.

It’s well-known that the Taliban news agency exaggerates the loses of the Taliban’s enemies. However, the Afghan Army indeed lost hundreds of its soldiers in January 2018. In the western province of Farah alone, the Afghan Army and Police lost over 100 of their service members during the last week of January, according to Afghan sources.

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