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Taliban Claims Its Infiltrators Killed 16 US Soldiers

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Taliban Claims Its Infiltrators Killed 16 US Soldiers

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On January 11, two Taliban members, who had infiltrated the Afghan Army, attacked US soldiers during a meeting in in Spin Ghar district of the eastern province of Nangarhar, according to the Taliban news agency Voice of Jihad. The media outlet claimed that 16 US soldiers were killed and several others were injured in the attack.

The Taliban revealed that its two members who conducted the attack – “Pacha Khan” and “Mindar” – managed to join the Afghan Army previously and were even promoted to commanders. Later the two Taliban members used the trust they had gained to conduct the deadly attack against the US troops who were gathered to hold a meeting with them, according to the Taliban.

The NATO Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan denied that 16 US soldiers were killed in the supposed attack. However, the NATO confirmed that one US soldier was wounded in what it calls an “active ground engagement”.

Captain Tom Gresback, public affairs director for Resolute Support mission, told the Associated Press (AP) that the “active ground engagement” took place in Achin district of Nangarhar province.

“No coalition service members were killed in the engagement. One U.S. service member was wounded and is in stable condition at a medical treatment facility … We are looking into the details of engagement with our Afghan partners and will provide more information when appropriate,” Capt. Gresback said according to AP.

The new attack on the US troops in Afghanistan comes after the leak of a video that shows a US service member firing into the cab of a random civilian truck on a road in Afghanistan. Many observers viewed Achin attack as a reaction for the leaked video.

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