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Taliban Took Control Over Panjshir – SF Sources

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Taliban Took Control Over Panjshir - SF Sources

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Today afternoon, various sources reported that the Taliban fighters had advanced and took control over the main part of the Afghanistan’s Panjshir region. After that, some media reported, citing sources in the Taliban movement, that Panjshir had fallen into the Taliban’s hands. For their part, the leaders of resistance declared that all attacks were successfully repulsed.

By 8 p.m. CEST, SouthFront’s sources in the region reported the following: “That’s all. The matter is closed, Panjshir is under the Taliban’s control. Some of the locals surrendered, sided with the Taliban, someone fled, a small part of fighters is trying to resist out of desperation.”

Panjshir was the last trophy for the Taliban. The mopping operation are likely launched in the region.

At the moment, messages from the region should be critically evaluated, since the both  sides are carrying out disinformation campaigns. Even eyewitnesses are able to make any conclusion only according to their vision of the situation only on a separate sector of the frontline.

Nevertheless, at least 2 more or less reliable conclusions may be made:

On September 3, the Taliban had at least a tactical success in Panjshir. The militants gained control of some strategically important points.

The battle for Panjshir, which is of a great symbolic importance, is coming closer to its final stage. Either the Taliban will clean up the region over the weekend, or any external forces will intervene to provide direct military assistance to resistance forces and the region will turn into a military-political enclave inside the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.


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