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The Perpetual Push On Yemen’s Marib

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The Perpetual Push On Yemen’s MaribOR CONTACT US : info@southfront.org

Ansar Allah is back at it in Marib city, hoping that this time the offensive would be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for the Saudi-led coalition.

As of April 24th, the Houthis (as Ansar Allah are known) reportedly took control of the Kassara battlefield northwest of the city and made progress on western frontlines.

The fighting had reportedly left at least 65 dead, including 26 Houthis.

The numbers are sure to fluctuate, since Ansar Allah seldom share the numbers of their losses.

Marib and its surrounding oil fields make up the last significant pocket of government-held territory in the north, the rest of which is under rebel control, including the capital Sanaa.

It is, however, the central region that features a general calmness, and the city is the last significant stronghold in this area.

Houthi officials said fighting had now moved to the Al-Mil area, approximately 6 kilometers from Marib’s city center.

The Yemeni puppet government said the Houthis had poured in hundreds of reinforcements in recent days, resorting to motorbikes after the coalition targeted their military vehicles.

Saudi-led coalition warplanes continue their heavy airstrike activity, and Ansar Allah appear to be unfettered by it.

On April 25th, however, the Yemeni Information Minister denied that the Houthis had progressed on the ground, saying that they hadn’t captured Kassara.

Regardless, the Houthis are perpetuating their drone and rocket attacks on Saudi targets behind the contact lines, with frequent strikes on the King Khalid Air Base in Khamis Mushait, as well as on other positions and Aramco facilities in the south of the Kingdom.

Some attacks even reach as far as Riyadh, with air defense systems efficiently protecting the city.

Most recently, on April 26th the Houthis carried out a successful attack on the King Khalid Air base with a Qasef-2k drone, reports such as these are commonplace.

As is typical of any Houthi success and push on areas that are under Saudi-led control, international observers and the collective West are quick to warn of an incoming “humanitarian disaster”.

According to many who claim neutrality, but leap at every opportunity to clandestinely support the Saudi Arabian intervention in Yemen, the Houthis are placing the entire country at risk of a humanitarian disaster.

During those intermissions of humanitarian spirit, Saudi Arabia’s frequent airstrikes on civilians, the blockade of al-Hudaydah and more, are briefly forgotten.

When the Houthi drone and missile strikes are mentioned, Riyadh is presented as the victim, and its military activities in Yemen are unmentioned, it allegedly simply wishes for a “ceasefire” according to MSM, but the savage Ansar Allah are unrelenting in their quest for destruction.

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