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Tiger Forces To Lead Advance Towards Syria’s Al-Bukamal (Video)

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Tiger Forces To Lead Advance Towards Syria's Al-Bukamal (Video)

The Tiger Forces will join the ongoing military operation towards the last ISIS stronghold in Syria – al-Bukamal city, the Syrian Muraselon news blog reported on Saturday.  The Tiger Forces will reportedly lead the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) attack from al-Mayadin city towards al-Bukamal.

The Tiger Forces will likely redeploy its units from Deir Ezzor city to the SAA positions south of al-Mayain within the upcoming hours.

Al-Mayadin city is located 65km north of al-Bukamal city, due to this the SAA and Hezbollah will likely reach al-Bukamal first from the direction of the T-2 station, or even from inside the Iraqi territory.

The Hezbollah media wing in Syria announced on Saturday that the SAA and Hezbollah are about to reach the Syrian-Iraqi border south of al-Bukamal city. The Hezbollah media wing also published a video of the SAA and Hezbollah advance.

The SAA and Hezbollah will likely launch their final attack on al-Bukamal city after reaching the Syrian-Iraqi border. The attack will likely be launched from inside the Iraqi territory. Like in al-Qa’im city, ISIS fighters will likely run away, as it appears that the terrorist organization fully collapsed.

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