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Weapons Of Karabakh War: Atmos 200 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer

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Weapons Of Karabakh War: Atmos 200 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer

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The Atmos 2000 155mm self-propelled howitzer is produced by Soltam Systems of Haifa, Israel.

The company is part of Elbit Systems.

The Atmos artillery system is available with 155mm 39, 45 and 52 calibre barrels.

The development and test phase of the program has been successfully completed and the system has entered full-scale production.

As an option, the Atmos 2000 155mm 45 calibres can also be equipped with a Russian 130mm M-46 gun.

The Atmos artillery system weighs 22,000kg. The system is transportable in a C-130 Hercules medium transport aircraft and does not require heavy equipment transporters in order to be relocated over long distances.

The Atmos 2000 began trials with the Israeli Defence Force in 2006.

The ATMOS can be mounted on any adapted high-mobility 6×6 or 8×8 truck chassis preferred by the customer.

The protected cabin of the ATMOS is designed for a crew of 2-6 personnel, a driver, a commander, and an additional three to four crew members along with all personal equipment and small arms.

The cabin is equipped with an air conditioning system that is capable of both heating and cooling.

Weapons Of Karabakh War: Atmos 200 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer

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The concept behind the ATMOS can be applied to modernization of legacy towed guns, incorporating advanced new technologies like INS, MVR, ballistic computers, C4I, hydraulics and electrical drives.

The Atmos 200 system uses all NATO standard 155mm ammunition.

The 155mm 52 calibre Atmos has demonstrated a maximum target range of 41km, using an Extended Range Full Bore Base Bleed (ERFB-BB) projectile. The range using a NATO L15 high explosive projectile is 30km. Atmos also fires the older standard M107 High Explosive projectile and has a range of 22km. Atmos 2000 carries 27 projectiles and charges.

Its main combat tasks include neutralization of sheltered and unsheltered enemy war materiel (including amour material), neutralization of enemy manpower, neutralization of fortified and non-fortified point and area targets.

The 155 mm ERFB long range artillery projectile family is representing a new generation of long-range artillery projectile designed for using with modern towed and self-propelled 155 mm weapons with 39, 45 and 52 calibre barrel length.

The M02 155 mm ERFB/BB projectile design includes base bleed (BB) unit family providinig important range increase, due to using of efficient composite propellant charge. With using of standard BB unit (in production) max. range is reaching 42 km, while with more advanced BB unit max. range is reaching of more than 44 km.

The artillery system is operated by a crew of four or six, including two loaders.

When the firing position site has been selected, two large hydraulically operated stabilisation spades are lowered at the rear of the vehicle on either side.

Target information is supplied by a surveillance patrol or by a Forward Observation Officer to the Atmos 2000 unit. The computerized Advanced Fire and Control System (AFCS) fitted on the Atmos 2000 includes navigation and aiming systems and ballistic computation system.

The AFCS displays the target information, selects the gun traverse and elevation and lays the weapon on the target. The weapon elevation and traverse is hydraulically operated. The weapon system can also be operated manually.

Elbit officially announced, on March 29th 2019, that it had been awarded a $125 million (NIS 460 million) contract from the Israeli Ministry of Defense to supply fully automatic self-propelled howitzer gun systems to the Israeli Defense Forces The contract, which also includes the supply of training simulators. It will be performed over a 12-year period.


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